The Game Applauds 50 Cent's Weight Loss, Dedication To Acting

'I saw a dude that's trying to win an award for playing a cancer patient,' Game says of his longtime adversary.

The Game says there is absolutely no dissing on his upcoming LP, The R.E.D Album. He's in such a peaceful place, even in private, that Game told his friends that he declined to throw jabs at 50 Cent's much-publicized weight loss for his "Things Fall Apart" film, photos of which rocketed across the Internet last week.

"All my boys was sending me pictures of 50 where he sucked up, looking like a smoker, lost all the weight," Game told MTV News on Wednesday (June 2). "They were looking for me to give them some type of funny feedback or clown with it. But all I saw was a dude that's trying to win an award for playing a cancer patient and really look like a cancer patient. I do my own assessment of character judgment. Right here in my mind, I was like, 'See? Progress!' That's what I'm on today, man. But I have the right to get in your ass if I need to."

Game and 50 have had a contentious relationship ever since Game's acrimonious split from G-Unit some five years ago.

The R.E.D. Album isn't coming out next month as planned. Game is still working on the opus.

"It was July 6," he says. "But they done pushed it back three times. I feel they're doing it for a reason. I feel as long as the music is classic and the music is there, a month or two won't hurt. And it'll only give more time to perfect my craft."

Game's new single is called "Ain't No Doubt About It" and features Justin Timberlake. The two recently shot a video for the song.

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