Kanye West's 'Power' Lets Fans Know 'He's Back,' Dwele Says

'All I did was my thing: I added harmonies and lent my instrument for the joint,' singer tells MTV News.

Dwele's voice has graced two of Kanye West's moodiest songs, "Flashing Lights" and his most recent number, "Power." But the Detroit native insists his contributions to the superstar MC's work are minimal at best, despite their chemistry.

"I got there [to the studio], and 'Ye had an idea for what he wanted for the song," Dwele told MTV News about "Power." "So that's all his creation. Pretty much all I did was my thing: I added harmonies and lent my instrument for the joint."

The singer's voice highlights the song's epic bridge, where his melody mixes with the vocal sample from British rock band King Crimson's "21st Century Schizoid Man."

"Now, this would be a beautiful death," Kanye raps while Dwele sings: "I'm jumping out the window/ I'm letting everything go/ I'm letting everything go."

"I think it's dope," Dwele said. "I think [the record] is doing what it's supposed to do, as far as letting people know he's back to rapping. He got some bars on that joint. I enjoy it. It's one of those joints. I roll down the windows and ride out to it. I usually don't play stuff that I'm on, but that song bangs."

Dwele is prepping the release of his next album, Wants World Women, later this month, June 29. The project is broken up into three sections, the first focusing on his alter ego and the last on classic "baby-making music." (He directed three different commercials to highlight all three sections.)

The middle section (World) addresses current events, in the vein of projects by Donny Hathaway and Marvin Gaye, Dwele said.

"It's an audio time capsule of things going on in the world right now or with the economy, across the world and in our country the past few years," he explained. "I've had a few songs for a few years now that I wanted to get out, and I really didn't have the platform to get those out. So I felt like making a specific section on this album. It kind of came as an outlet or gave me the role to finally do it."

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