DJ Khaled Calls Performing With Rick Ross, Diddy, T.I. 'Legendary'

Super-DJ also shot remix video for 'All I Do Is Win' over the weekend, with cameos by Nicki Minaj, Fabolous, T-Pain and more.

DJ Khaled says every Memorial Day weekend in Miami is a "moooovie," but the past few days in South Beach were extra crazy.

"I got stories to tell," Khaled told MTV News on Tuesday (June 1) about the festivities. "It's gonna be a hot f---ing summer."

Khaled, Rick Ross and Diddy were virtually inseparable over the holiday, hitting club Cameo on Thursday, an assortment of hot spots on Friday, then Mansion on Saturday, the Best of the Best concert on Sunday and, oh yeah, they found time over the weekend to film a video for the remix of Khaled's "All I Do Is Win," off his Victory LP.

"Call it Rick Ross/ DJ Khaled/ Supreme Team/ Puff Daddy takeover on a whole 'nother level," Khaled said. "You already know every Memorial Day weekend — Miami is ours. We always on fire. This year was special because we shot the remix video of 'All I Do Is Win.' Everyone showed up, from Jada to Busta to Puff Daddy to Nicki Minaj to Fabolous to T-Pain to myself.

"I know it's hard to say these types of things, [but] there's only one remix video I know that's exciting like this, it's called 'Flava in Ya Ear,' " Khaled insisted, recalling Craig Mack's Hype Williams-directed black-and-white clip. "First of all, the ['All I Do Is Win'] record is the biggest record in the country. To shoot the remix video is something so amazing. It's coming out soon. I know there's photos all over the Net, but it's exciting."

But if there was a soundtrack to Memorial Day in Miami, it was Rick Ross' The Albert Anastasia EP (out since Thursday), according to Khaled. The super-DJ said he could feel the tape's immediate impact.

"The whole mixtape is crazy. But it's two records on there that's lighting up the streets," Khaled testified. "I don't know if you remember when we dropped 'Hustlin'.' That's the response we getting, but with two records at the same time. We tore up the club performing 'All I Do Is Win.' And the two records off the mixtape, one is called [Blowin' Money Fast] 'B.M.F.' and the other is called 'MC Hammer.' These two records, quote me: DJ Khaled says these are going to be the biggest things in the street. It's already causing problems. It's already causing problems on a whole 'nother level. Teflon Don the album — it's a classic. These records right here are just waking the streets up on a whole 'nother level. I don't want nobody to get us confused."

The most exciting part about celebrating a big weekend is getting to interact with the fans, Khaled said.

"We did club Mansion the other night. It was DJ Khaled, Puff Daddy, Ross was there, T.I. was there. It was amazing. It was a legendary moment. Everybody performed. I remember when we dropped the 'B.M.F.' and 'MC Hammer' record, I looked at Ross because the crowd took a deep breath. It had that 'Hustlin' ' feeling. Best of the Best, it was great because, me and Ross, I threw on 'All I Do Is Win' — the crowd went crazy. And we actually performed it three times. Ross, Busta, Nicki, Puff was all in the place to be. It all felt good."

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