Taylor Lautner Is Les Grossman's Latest Victim In MTV Movie Awards Promo

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Tinseltown's resident "mega mogul" Les Grossman is back with another MTV Movie Awards promo. It seems the "Tropic Thunder" scene-stealer's VIP clientele is endless. His last spot featured Robert Pattinson, one of the biggest stars in the Movie Awards universe, and in the latest video, Grossman has a chat with the other "Twilight" stud, Taylor Lautner.

The video opens with Grossman's customary method of conversation: laying into an unknown producer with a string of insults and profanity. "Mr. 'Avatar,' sugart--s," he dismisses the minion over his bluetooth headset. "I don't give a sh-- about the laws of physics, because I want it in 4-D! Do it!"

Grossman ends the call, then turns his attention to the teen heartthrob. "This is going to be a great show," he tells Lautner.

Looking unaffected by (or used to) Les' rant, Taylor responds, "Les, we already talked about this, remember? My agents told you. That weekend is my best friend's wedding and I'm the ... "

"Best man," Grossman interjects. "Understood. All cool. Bring in Taylor's double," he commands, upon which a stand-in is brought in — a man clearly years older than Lautner swirling a glass of whiskey, dressed in what looks to be a tuxedo he may or may not have slept in the night before.

Lautner's reaction is slightly annoyed. "Nobody's going to believe this is me," he says.

"I'm sorry, which Taylor said that?" Grossman says, trying to play off the fact that Lautner's "double" is a joke. He eventually relents and tells the double to "f--- off."

"Do you smell that?" Grossman asks, returning his full attention and sinister grin to Lautner. "We just took this sh-- to the next level. Pound it out, big guy."

Lautner then reluctantly bumps Grossman's meaty fists.

Of course, Lautner, Pattinson and fellow "Twilight" saga star Kristen Stewart will be at the Movie Awards on Sunday to present an exclusive new clip from "Eclipse"!

For more of Lautner and Grossman, don't miss the MTV Movie Awards this Sunday, June 6, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV!