Les Grossman Gives 'Twilight' Star Robert Pattinson Some Unlikely Grooming Tips

Hear what the 'Tropic Thunder' movie exec advised RPattz to do to his 'filthy hair' before the 2010 MTV Movie Awards.

Doing his part to add more VIP cred to the upcoming 2010 MTV Movie Awards, movie exec Les Grossman — last seen shaking his moneymaker in "Tropic Thunder" — recently took time out of his busy schedule to offer "Twilight" heartthrob Robert Pattinson a few grooming tips before the big show, which airs live June 6.

In a new promo, Grossman tells Pattinson (bluntly and spewing profanities) that the awards show is lucky to have him: "MTV is sportin' mad wood that you're doing the show."

Pattinson, looking a little startled and uncomfortable, admits to Grossman that he's been thinking about cleaning himself up a bit for this year's awards show. "Maybe [I'll] get a suit, have a shave. Maybe [I'll] wash my hair," RPattz responds.

"I love it," Grossman says sweetly, before raising his voice and launching into a tirade. "In fact, I love it so much I'm going to fly Vidal f---ing Sassoon here to personally give you a Brazilian blowout! And when he's done, I'll give you the number of a good plumber because you just flushed your f---ing career down the toilet!

"Your filthy hair made you a star," Grossman reminds Pattinson. "Your filthy hair made me hundreds of millions of dollars and, he adds," pausing for dramatic effect, "sent my fat a--kid to space camp four times." He manages to calm down long enough to ask Pattinson a question: "What kind of shampoo are you going to use?"

"Dirt?" Pattinson offers nervously.

Grossman, satisfied with his star's response, reaches out for a fist bump. "That's my dirty dog. Playa," he smiles.

Watch out for more of Len Grossman's words of wisdom this week.

Don't miss the 2010 MTV Movie Awards, airing live from Los Angeles on Sunday, June 6, at 9 p.m. ET/PT.