Lil Wayne's 'Get A Life' Video Premieres -- Watch It Now!

Weezy mixes his rap and rock worlds in the just-released clip.

Rock-star status, rap-star swagger. That's the treatment for Lil Wayne's video for "Get a Life," which premiered Sunday (May 30) on MTV2 and MTV Jams as part of Lil Tunechi Weekend. The clip is the latest visual from Lil Wayne's Miami marathon session earlier this year, during which he shot four videos in one weekend, including "Da Da Da," Knockout" and "Runnin'."

Like the "Da Da Da" clip, the video for "Get a Life" finds Lil Wayne jamming with rock band ¡Mayday! on top of a South Beach hotel as apart of the performance-heavy clip. The bouncy tune is among the Cool & Dre-produced tracks from Lil Wayne's rock-leaning effort Rebirth.

Unlike "Prom Queen" and "Drop the World," "Get a Life" is less driven by guitars and is more melodic in sound. Dre told MTV News last year, before Rebirth was released, that the project wasn't a complete rock album and was more in line with most collections by the New Orleans MC.

"The best way to describe the Rebirth record is that it's a Lil Wayne record," the producer said. "It's where Lil Wayne is right now in his life and career — he's expressing himself musically. 'Prom Queen' came out, and that's a rock record, and so everybody is like, 'He's putting out a rock album, and he's on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.' Yeah, there's some rock records on there, but there's also some records where he's rapping. It's a Lil Wayne album. It's what you expect from Lil Wayne, where he's at creatively."

The four Rebirth clips were shot in February, when the rapper decided to bank videos before his impending jail sentence. The director, David Rousseau, told MTV News at the time that Wayne was focused on the difficult task at hand. "He was in a zone," Rousseau said of the atmosphere. "He was ready. It was a work mentality. He's getting prepared for everything that's about to happen to him. He knows it's the fourth quarter. He was completely cooperative and completely professional."

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