Lil Wayne And Shanell's 'Runnin' ' Video Premieres -- Watch It Now!

Shanell tells MTV News about shooting the video before Weezy went to jail.

NEW YORK — For Lil Tunechi Weekend, MTV Jams and MTV2 are premiering four brand-new Lil Wayne videos, which the Cash Money star shot in quick succession earlier this year during Super Bowl weekend.

The videos include "Da Da Da" and "Get a Life," both featuring the rock band ¡Mayday!, "Knockout" (featuring Nicki Minaj) and "Runnin' " (featuring Shanell).

While the full-length video for "Da Da Da" premiered on Thursday night, fans will have to get by for now on our previews of the other three clips. But luckily, MTV News caught up with Young Money songstress Shanell who offered to break down the concept for "Runnin'," which she admitted she had yet to see in full.

"Well, it was a long day, and a lot of the videos we did that day were green screen," Shanell told us during a trip to the Manolo Blahnik store in New York City on Thursday. "The song is talking about running and [asking] when will whatever it is that you're going through that's not a positive thing end. So 'Runnin' ' is about wanting whatever it is in your life to stop."

Shanell explained that in the video, an earthquake and other natural disasters and even a war, are metaphors and not visuals she had in mind while she was writing her portion of the song. "That wasn't in my head. It was whatever personal thing that I was going through that I wanted to end. That's what I was expressing, but when you write a song you want everybody to kind of relate, so the audience can make it mean whatever it means to them."

Asked about whether she'd recently spoken to Wayne, Shanell revealed she had seen and spoken to the MC since he began serving a yearlong sentence on Rikers Island in March. Despite his current circumstances, Weezy's staying strong, according to the singer.

"He's a very strong individual so he's not going to get on the phone with any of us and be like, 'Oh I can't do it. I can't' ... He sounds strong, and we're all praying for him and all of the fans are praying for him."

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