Kanye West's 'Power': What Do Fans Think?

'It sounds really victorious,' one fan tells MTV News of 'Ye's first new music in months.

NEW YORK — It's been months since we've heard from [artist id="1230523"]Kanye West[/artist], so it makes sense that fans are hungry for new music from the rapper. On Friday (May 28), a brand-new track called "Power" leaked online. MTV News wanted to know what fans thought of the song, so we ventured into New York's Times Square to hear what was on their minds.

Many music fans couldn't have been more pleased with "Power." "It sounds like how he used to. I like him back when he first came out. It was like a throwback," Kalu Ohator told MTV News. "It sounds really victorious."

Another fan, Adrienne Smith, enjoyed the track because of its uniqueness. "It's got a cool mix of kind of tribal music," she said. Despite the VMA fiasco, Smith believes Kanye's boldness ultimately gives the rapper an advantage. "I think Kanye's really good about highlighting maybe some of the things we don't want to think about in terms of American culture, but he does it in such a clever way, and he always had that little bit of arrogance that is Kanye," she said of the song's lyrics.

Shirin Taki was pleased with the track's originality. "I liked it. I thought that it was really unique. He has good style. He's always putting on something new," she gushed, noting that the rapper always has something great up his sleeve.

While some fans enjoyed "Power," others thought it could have been better. "It started well, and I thought it had potential, but then it kind of just carried on the same and got a bit boring and repetitive," Haley Heathfield said.

In the end, one fan suggested that it really might not be all about the music. "It was good. It seemed a little racy," Richard Malkling Jr. said. But despite West's ability to make great music, Malkling couldn't ignore the rapper's egotistical past. "He's always got good lyrics, but I don't know ... too much power for one man."

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