Lady Gaga Dedicates 'Speechless' To Ailing Grandfather

'I suppose if we sing loud enough, he'll be able to hear us,' Gaga says at Monster Ball Tour show in Nottingham, England.

It was an emotional night for Lady Gaga, who took a moment to dedicate the song "Speechless" to her ailing grandfather during the Nottingham, England, stop on her Monster Ball Tour. Gaga, who typically dedicates the ballad to her father, broke down in tears on Thursday.

"I don't always talk about my personal life but my grandpa's sick," she told the audience. "And I'm really close with my grandpa and he's really sick and he's in the States and my dad's with him. So I was, like, crying all day, really sad. So I thought I might just be honest and tell you that's what's going on."

The pop star went on to explain that she has tried to be "a really good, strong daughter." It was her father who called and asked that she dedicate "Speechless" to her grandfather, Gaga said as she sat at a piano onstage.

"So it's been one of those tough things that my grandpa's too old to come to my show, but I suppose if we sing loud enough, he'll be able to hear us. So this one's for you grandpa," she added. "This record's called 'Speechless.' "

Not surprisingly, Gaga's ever-devoted "little monsters" showed their support for the singer by making #getwellgrandpagaga a trending topic on Twitter. And this wasn't the first time Gaga paid tribute to loved ones both in her music and in concert. In an interview with MTV News, Gaga revealed the inspiration for the very personal song.

"My mom called me, and I was very depressed. I was on tour and I couldn't leave, so I went into the studio and I wrote this song 'Speechless,' and it's about these phone calls," she said of discovering her father had declined to seek treatment for a heart condition.

"My dad used to call me after he'd had a few drinks and I wouldn't know what to say. I was speechless and I just feared that I would lose him and I wouldn't be there."

At the Brit Awards earlier this year, Gaga performed a brief medley of her "Telephone" and "Dance in the Dark" as a tribute to her friend, the late fashion designer Alexander McQueen.

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