Lil Wayne's 'Get A Life' Video -- Check Out A Preview!

The ¡Mayday!-starring clip, plus three other brand-new ones, to premiere during MTV Jams' Lil Tunechi Weekend.

Lil Tunechi Weekend: 'Get A Life'

We get back to partying and rebellious rock and roll on Lil Wayne's "Get a Life" clip. All this week, we've been previewing Wayne videos — "Da Da Da," the Nicki Minaj-featuring "Knockout" and "Runnin'." — that are set to get their debuts on MTV Jams and MTV 2 during the Memorial Day holiday. On Friday (May 28), the preview concluded with Weezy and the versatile band ¡Mayday! rocking on "Get a Life."

Like the clip for "Da Da Da," "Get a Life" was filmed on the roof of the Marlin Hotel, and it features an inspired performance by the Birdman Jr. and his crew of instrumentalists. Back in February, ¡Mayday! bandmember Plex spoke to MTV News about shooting with Wayne.

"It was a whole mess of people," he said of the sets for "Da Da Da" and "Get a Life," which were filmed back-to-back in Miami during Super Bowl weekend. Those were just two of nine Wayne shot in less than 72 hours. "I didn't notice who was there, but I saw Shane [Mosley] because I'm a big fan. Then, you know, the whole Cash Money/ Young Money clique was there. A few NFL players were there. It was crazy."

"I'm just tryna get my own," Wayne sings, dressed in a red ¡Mayday! T-shirt. "I'm up early in the mornin', gettin it by all means/ Gotta get this dough!"

The balance of the fruit of their collective labor, a full-length "Da Da Da," premiered Friday (May 28) on Jams and MTV2.

"[The video] was set up like a reality show," Plex said of "Da Da Da." "They followed us out of the tour bus, up the stairs and then we jumped on the stage and started playing. It was fun, man. They was trying to re-create, spin off of 'The Streets Have No Name' by U2 — the one where they were performing on the rooftop and people start gathering around. [Wayne's video] was doing something parallel to that on the rooftop of the Marlin. They had helicopter shots and all."

Which of the four new Wayne videos are you most excited to see this weekend? Let us know in the comments!