Drake Calls Jay-Z Collaboration, 'Light Up,' A 'Life Lesson'

'Jay not only gave me a great verse, but a life lesson,' the Toronto MC says of Jay's contribution.

Drake gave careful consideration to where on the track list each song would fall on his forthcoming Thank Me Later, from the introspective "Fireworks," now the album opener, to the rumbling "Over," which he described as a "turning point" on the album.

"We took a trip to Jamaica, where I did a lot of work for my album," Drake told MTV News about "Over" in March. "There was this calm before the storm, and 'Over' represented the storm to me. It's the moment. I wanted to emerge at first from this album and just let people know 'This is how I'm coming out in the public eye. I'm ready for anything.' "

The second turning point, though, according to the Toronto MC, is "Light Up," his recently leaked collaboration with Jay-Z. On that track, produced by Tone Mason and Noah "40" Shebib, the Brooklyn MC schools Drizzy on life at the top of the game. While the middle section of Thank Me Later is heavy on blockbuster collabos, including features by Nicki Minaj, T.I. Swizz Beatz, The-Dream and Young Jeezy, "Light Up" kicks off the concluding portion of the album.

" 'Light Up' really came from, Jay had a busy year, obviously, with The Blueprint 3 and the success of that and the tour," Drake told MTV News about how the 'tune came to be. "So we didn't do it in the same room. But me and Jay have a lot of great conversations, man. So it would never just be like, 'I'm gonna send you something, and we're not gonna talk about it, and you send it back.' We really talked about it.

"And Jay's joint on the album is so important on the album, because it's another turning point. Whereas 'Over' is a turning point for me, 'Light Up' ... Jay, really, I think it's one of my favorite Jay verses. Jay not only gave me a great verse, but a life lesson. And I think he's gonna give everybody a life lesson just about this business. It's incredible."

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