Lil Wayne Hosts Mixtape From Prison -- Check Out A Preview!

Weezy calls DJ Scoob Doo in this preview from Fetti Holmes Part 2.

Lil Wayne says that while in prison, he's picking up New York City slang. The MC called in to DJ Scoob Doo and told him all about it.

"Man, 'son,' kid,' 'word up,' 'word to my mutha,' Weezy laughs on the call. The footage of the phone call appears in the upcoming Fetti Holmes Part 2, mixtape, a preview of which you can watch right here. "I'm 'son,' 'kid,' 'word to my mutha,' 'Yo, what's good B?'"

When Scoob asks him how he's doing, Wayne nonchalantly replies, "Ain't nothing, man. I'm just sitting back waiting for the day to come."

The conversation shifts to the upcoming Scoob-directed video for Weezy's "Steady Mobbin.' "

"Man, I know that sh-- look good. It's stupid?" Wayne says.

"Yeah, I put that 'Single' video out," Scoob responds.

"That sh-- hard," Wayne answers with excitement. "Everybody's calling me. I talk about that sh--. Once a day somebody's gotta say something about the muthaf---in' 'Single' video. I forgot we did that. I was like, 'I don't even remember even doing that." (Considering how many videos Wayne filmed before heading to prison, that's not surprising.)

You'll be hearing a lot more of Wayne calling in from Rikers Island. The mixtape is a joint effort between Scoob and DJ Drama and Weezy participates via phone-call interludes. New music from Drake and the Birdman also appears on the project.

The Birdman pays homage to Wayne on "Jr. Doing Time/ Bigger Than Life." Those records will also appear on Baby's upcoming album, The Godfather, and DVD.

"Nobody in America or the world has that," Scoob says of Birdman's new material.

Scoob recently released an excerpt from his forthcoming "Nino Brown Story 3" DVD (due next month), where Weezy talked about his recent legal troubles.

"I'm coolin'. Ya feel me? I'll be home soon," Wayne says in the video that shows Scoob talking to him on speakerphone. "If you worryin', don't worry too much, but keep worryin'. If you ain't worried, then something's wrong. But you know, it's Nino Brown, I got the penthouse suite up here in Rikers, man. I got my feet up. Ya smell me? My team is still holding it down, man. They keepin' the flood open. I already know how it go.

"Ain't too much, I got in a little trouble and whatnot, you feel me?" Wayne continued "Yeah, they tried to bang me with that. ... But I can't live without my music, Scoob. You know how it is, man. I needed my music. It's all good. I had to take my little slip-up. I ain't trippin'. Players f--- up."

In a separate interview last week, Young Money's Tyga said that Wayne is doing as well as can be expected in prison

"It was crazy to see him in there in that type of situation, but he's doing good," Tyga said of a recent visit to see Wayne. "He's holding his head up. He was basically just talking about his whole experience in there, everything that's going on. He knew everything about everything in there, so I was just basically listening to what he had to say."

Fetti Holmes Part 2 is available from and