'American Idol' Fans Offer Their Theories On Lee DeWyze's Win

One viewer says Crystal Bowersox doesn't have 'the Hollywood image that they want to sell albums.'

On Wednesday night, Lee DeWyze was named the new American Idol, making front-runner Crystal Bowersox this year's Adam Lambert.

When MTV News took to the streets of New York to get "Idol" fans' reactions to the results, it seemed like many of them were left wondering why Bowersox didn't go home the champion.

"I was rooting for Crystal, because she was more unique and I like her voice better," Megan said about the outcome, but, she added, "I wasn't surprised [she lost]. They both had a really good shot."

Like Megan, Grant loved Bowersox but had an inkling that she wouldn't go home the winner. "I was rooting for Crystal basically from the beginning, but I guess I knew she wouldn't win, just because there's so many factors involved with voting and why people vote for who, and singing is usually the least of one of those factors," he said. "It was obvious Lee was going to win, even though Crystal could sing circles around him."

Jodie had a more skeptical point of view: "I think it was a setup. I think that whenever Simon picked the song ['Hallelujah'] for Lee DeWyze ... he had backup singers. I mean, I think it was just a setup for him to win."

Mary figured that Crystal came up short thanks to her alternative look. "I personally think she didn't win because probably the way she looks. If you think of all the people who have won in the past, they all have this certain image that people want to see," she said. "She has dreads. She's totally not the Hollywood image that they want to have to sell albums."

There are, of course, the DeWyze fans like Kennedy who said, "I liked his voice. I liked how it was a little bit raspy."

Kelly added: "I actually thought that they were both fantastic. I thought Lee would win, just because he has more star quality, charisma. She's amazing too. I was a little bit surprised, because all along, I really didn't think he was in the top. He was more of an underdog win. He stepped up at the end."

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