'American Idol' Fans Happy For Both Lee DeWyze And Crystal Bowersox

Readers offer congratulations to both singers, but a number were angry that Bowersox didn't win.

Given that host Ryan Seacrest revealed on Wednesday night that going into the final they were separated by less than two percent of the vote, it's fitting that MTV News readers offered congratulations to both "American Idol" winner Lee DeWyze and runner-up Crystal Bowersox on Thursday morning.

"I was so happy for Lee," wrote Imogen. "He said it was the best moment of his life. I know the Crystal fans are upset, but I can't imagine begrudging someone that kind of happiness. It was a lovely moment and I really do think he earned it." And unlike some of the sniping that went on last year when it appeared that flashy showman Adam Lambert had been robbed of the title by unassuming dark horse Kris Allen, the comments were mostly positive on both sides of the coin. OK, some of them were positive.

"Crystal is the new Janis Joplin," enthused Susan. "Finally, someone with some moxy and real soul. If you make a CD, I will buy it, if you go on tour, I will see you, and if you make a salad, I will eat it! Crystal ... you are the bomb!!!"

That sentiment was mirrored by Beverly, who remarked, "Crystal is the true winner. I remember when she tried out I said, 'she will be the one.' She sang better, already knew who she was and what she wanted to be before the show. But Lee, on the other hand was clueless ... although he did improve himself through out the season. Simon kept saying here is a guy in a small paint store who needs a break. Come on Simon, Crystal needs a break, she kicked butt all season long. She stayed true to herself every time."

A vast majority, however, were split, but still seemingly happy with the results, such as Johnohhhftw, who said, "I think Lee winning was a great thing! I wish the best for Crystal, but I thought Lee had a better voice. I'm sure even though Crystal lost she will release more music, so all you Lee haters shouldn't worry." Also toeing the line was Nicole, who extended a peace offering with the comment, "You know I think they both have amazing talent. Each one appeals to a different crowd. As far as all the Lee bashing goes, it's stupid. Crystal is better off not locked down by all the contract BS that goes with winning. They will both be signed and they will both have equal opportunity ... he will just have more strings attached ... Look at Adam Lambert. He didn't win but he is doing just fine."

Harmoniize couldn't have been happier with the outcome, crowing, "Lee DeWyze ... is a true 'Idol.' He not only worked hard for it, but he also has a voice that conveys a lot of emotion and captured a lot of hearts worldwide. He so rightfully deserves this. More power to you Lee!!!"

Then there were a number of vocal dissenters, such as La, who lamented, "Surprise, surprise. A come-from-behind cookie-cutter male rocker type beats out the unconventional, more talented 'favorite.' Idol show maneuvering, complete with timely song assignments, rumor mongering about dads/quitting, etc, judge buildups of the new and putdowns of the old, and a last week of talk show pimping do the trick. The unanimous judge results in finals for the unconventional performers merely stoke the voting frenzy for the cookie-cutters. Sounds like Cook-Archuleta, Allen-Lambert, and now DeWyze-Bowersox. Like her fellow runners-up, Crystal will sell concert seats and CDs. See you at the concerts, Crystal."

Others were just plain angry and felt Bowersox had been flat out jacked. "Crystal was robbed!" raged Kennith. "Teen girls should not be allowed to vote at all. A woman with talent will never win 'American Idol.' I bet another Kris Allen clone like Lee will win next year but I won't see it, I'm done with this garbage."

Cheryl Rae seconded that emotion, writing, "I am so tired of 'American Idol's inability to hit the jackpot! Crystal will not disappear half as fast as this year's 'Idol,' a ... what's his name?" Dennis went further, saying, "Crystal is the best they had. I like Lee, but he is as plain as oatmeal and they could have had something real. Kinda like last year."

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