Crystal Bowersox On 'American Idol' Outcome: 'We Both Win'

'My life is never going to be the same, and I'm ready for all of it,' she says backstage after the finale.

LOS ANGELES — Don't cry for Crystal Bowersox. Before Ryan Seacrest announced Lee DeWyze as the new American Idol, the single mom said she knew she wouldn't be taking home the top prize.

"I knew Lee was going to win," she said backstage, minutes after the finale ended. "People seem to be surprised by that. But I had a feeling. I couldn't be happier for him. He deserves every minute of this. There wasn't really a reason why [I thought I wouldn't win]. It was just something that I felt and I knew, and I'm fine with that. Before the show ... I had this strange sense of peace and calm. I've been that way through the whole season. If you haven't noticed, I'm just mellow. I was ready and willing ... for the outcome. We both win. It's not win or lose; it's winner and non-winner. Both of us are going to have very successful careers, and we're going to be friends for a long time."

For Bowersox, winning was performing alongside Alanis Morissette and Joe Cocker. She also said she was moved by the tributes for Simon Cowell.

"Joe Cocker is a living legend, and every noise, grunt that came out of him, every fiber in my being felt it," she said. "He didn't give me any advice, but he kept calling me 'Angel.' He said, 'I know your name is Crystal, but I want to call you Angel.' And I'm like, 'That's fine. You can call me whatever you want. You're Joe Cocker!' "

Bowersox said she learned a lot about herself during the "American Idol" experience. The most important lesson?

"I can walk in heels — downstairs, nonetheless," she said, joking about her Tuesday night performance, where she wobbled a bit in high heels. "I've learned a lot about myself and I've learned a lot about the business. I already knew who I was, but I'm picking the things that I like and adding to it. My life is never going to be the same, and I'm ready for all of it."

Up next, Bowersox says she's going to go "hug my baby boy and get back to living." She'll start to prepare for the summer tour and also plans to get to work on her album.

"Now the real work begins," she said.

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