Lil Wayne And Shanell's 'Runnin' ' Video -- Check Out A Preview!

That clip, plus three other brand-new ones, will premiere during MTV Jams' Lil Tunechi Weekend.

Lil Tunechi Weekend: 'Runnin' ' (Featuring Shanell)

As the countdown continues to Lil Tunechi Weekend on MTV Jams and MTV2, our latest [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] video preview is a little different than the first two clips, "Da Da Da" and "Knockout."

The "Runnin' " video, with Young Money bombshell [artist id="1819424"]Shanell[/artist], finds Wayne void of his jovial mood and more reflective and serious.

"The loser, microphone abuser," Wayne raps in front of a TV screen that plays stock footage of turmoil across the world, including people starving in the streets and scenes of war and protest. "Feet hurtin', I just walked from Jerusalem/ So you should get on the side with the movement/ I'm the proof, and I'll die just to prove it/ Whatcha wanna know? Anything, whatever/ I can't tell ya, I can show ya better/ Me and my gun, we took an oath together/ Said I will never die if we both together."

The record has the feel of a true duet as Shanell sings, "Somebody tell me when's it gonna end/ Where's it gonna end up?"

She also has her own performance segment in the video to coincide with her verse. "I lost all my money/ I lost half my mind/ Can't find my direction/ Where's the finish line?" she sings.

Earlier this month, while talking to Mixtape Daily, the YM songstress said Weezy's camp is proud to play their part to keep his music in the spotlight.

"With Wayne being away right now, there's some people that wanna see you fail," Shanell explained. "I'm so happy that Wayne put this team of people together so that we could support him when the tables turn. Not really turn, but he can pass the baton."

This weekend, MTV Jams will also be debuting "Knockout" (featuring Nicki Minaj), "Get a Life" and "Da Da Da."

Which of the four new Wayne videos are you most excited to see this weekend? Let us know in the comments!