'Veronica Mars' Producer Says There's No Audience For Movie

'It would still be on the air if people wanted to see the movie,' Joel Silver tells MTV News.

Since the cancellation of "Veronica Mars" in 2007, fans of the CW television show have held out hope that leading lady Kristen Bell and series creator Rob Thomas might revive the franchise in the form of a feature film. But several years have passed, and while both Bell and Thomas have continually expressed interest in a movie version of "Mars," there has been little to no movement on the project.

What's the hold up, you ask? According to "Mars" executive producer Joel Silver, nobody wants to see it.

"We analyzed all these areas about it," Silver told MTV News. "I talked to [the Warner Bros.] home-video people about it, because a movie like that would be driven by home video. But the home video itself didn't do that well for 'Veronica Mars,' so [the department] didn't feel there was a need or an audience for a direct-to-video 'Veronica Mars,' which could have driven a theatrical release."

Silver said that while he would "love to do" the film alongside Bell and Thomas, the decision to sit on "Mars" comes down to a lack of fan interest.

"It's not me; there's just nobody who wants to make it happen," he said. "I'd love to see it happen. We talked to Rob Thomas about it, and he had an idea of what to do, but ... look, it'd still be on the air if people want to see the movie or the show. It just didn't happen."

But "Mars" star Bell disagrees with Silver's assertion. According to the actress, there's plenty of interest from the fans.

"[We're] still in the process of campaigning to tell Warner Bros. that people would actually see it," she told E! Online last month when asked about the possibility of a "Mars" movie. "I think that as long as you guys keep asking those questions and I keep answering them, Warner Bros. will one day get the picture that everybody does want it and that it will make its money back. I think, truthfully, they're a company and they want to know that they'll make their return back. We just have to convince them that they will."

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