Slipknot's Paul Gray 911 Call Released

Hotel worker discovered Gray's body and identified his name from a nearby prescription bottle.

A 911 call placed by an alleged employee of the Iowa hotel where Slipknot bassist Paul Gray was found dead Monday has emerged. TMZ obtained a recording of the call placed by an unnamed hotel maintenance worker who discovered Gray's body.

"We believe that it's a drug overdose," the employee said of Gray's condition. "There's a hypodermic needle next to his bed here."

Asked if Gray were awake, the employee replied: "Oh God, no," explaining that it appeared as though Gray had been dead "for a while" based on his physical appearance. He identified Gray's name from the prescription label of a nearby bottle of pills. The employee also said Gray's mother had called the hotel earlier that day because she was having trouble reaching her son.

Gray's name and the location from which the 911 call was apparently placed are consistent with reports about his death.

An autopsy on Gray's body conducted Tuesday was unable to determine the Slipknot bassist's cause of death, which remains under investigation. Reports state that the autopsy didn't suggest any evidence of foul play and concurred with the 911 caller's claims that Gray had been dead for several hours prior to his body's discovery. Polk County medical examiners are still waiting for toxicology results, which could take between four and six weeks to complete.

Known by Slipknot fans as #2 or "The Pig," Gray was a founding member of the heavy-metal band alongside Shawn "Clown" Crahan and Joey Jordison. Fans and fellow musicians have expressed an outpouring of support in the days since Gray's death, with Lamb of God guitarist Mark Morton telling MTV News: "He was an immense talent, and this is such an incredible loss. Paul had a HUGE heart and lived and died for the music he made. I will miss him, and the world will too."

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