T.I. Covering 'Once Upon A Time in the Projects' Is 'Dope,' Ice Cube Says

'I might have a little issue if it's some of my bigger hits,' Cube admits of Tip's F--- a Mixtape remake.

[artist id="1225081"]T.I.[/artist] says when his new mixtape F--- a Mixtape drops Thursday, he won't be going in on his peers' beats; he has way too much material for that. The King of the South does, however, pay homage to a legend from the West. The tape will feature a remake of [artist id="9619"]Ice Cube[/artist]'s classic 1990 album cut "Once Upon a Time in the Projects."

"It's dope," Cube said about Tip's musical tip of the hat to him. "It makes you realize you've made an impact on some of the younger MCs that come behind you. It's cool to a point 'cause these are the songs I make my bread and butter off. I might have a little issue if it's some of my bigger hits," Cube added. "I might have an issue with that. But 'Once Upon a Time in the Projects,' that's tight."

But Tip isn't the first MC to rework Cube's record. On his Doc's Da Name 2000 LP, Redman took portions of the record for "Jersey Yo!"

"Redman's my man," Cube smiled. "We go back a long way — all the way back to when he was just hanging out with EPMD. Red, he's got a lot more leeway. But T.I.'s dope. I'm a fan of his records, so that's tight."

On F--- a Mixtape, T.I. worked with DJs Drama and MLK. The cover of the tape was released online on Wednesday (May 26) and features a couple of old-school cassettes scattered beneath some newspapers with visible headlines.

"We been talking about it for a minute — a long time," Drama told MTV News in April. "It's been quite a while since Tip has done a Gangsta Grillz. I guess The Leak was the last one. When Tip first got home, I had the conversation with him. 'You home, Gangsta Grillz as a brand is still as hot as it ever was, almost helping breathe back life into the mixtape game. I think it will be right to come back full circle to where you are, to where the brand is.' That's how the conversation started."

Ice Cube's new LP, I Am the West, comes out July 13.

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