Trey Songz's Tearjerking 'Yo Side Of The Bed' Video Premieres

Keri Hilson co-stars as Trey's wife sent off to war in tragic clip.

Trey Songz usually leaves the ladies hot and bothered with his steamy videos, but the "I Invented Sex" singer tugs at his fans' hearts in a different way with his new clip, "Yo Side of the Bed," which premiered Wednesday (May 26) on

The tearjerker co-stars Keri Hilson as his wife and the mother of his infant daughter.

The clip opens with a question about how long the two have been together. "Well, if you count the time it took to get her on a date with me," Trey replies, "three years and seven or eight months."

The video then flashes back to when they met: Hilson is jogging by Trey, who is seated on a park bench. Hilson is seen decked out in workout gear and a cap, adorned with the insignia of the United States Army.

The two eventually marry and have a child together. The camera pans across their home showing them in bed together, spotting photos from their courtship on the walls and revealing an image on a nightstand of Hilson with her platoon.

They appear to be living in wedded bliss until Hilson gets a phone call and learns she'll be redeployed into combat.

"Every time she leaves, it's my heart that she's taking from me," he sings, as he comforts a crying Hilson preparing to leave. "I don't know if she's gone for good or returning in the morning/ And I wait through the night, 'cause I can't help the tossing and turning/ I want you to know that our bed, our sheets, our pillows are getting lonely on your side of the bed."

The family pack up in a minivan and are soon driving to the base where mostly men are seen kissing their wives goodbye. Hilson is the only wife who is leaving her loved ones.

Their lives are turned upside-down as Trey Songz struggles to raise his daughter alone and Hilson visibly is missing her family while she goes into combat.

Two soldiers then ring Trey's doorbell, presumably to notify him that his wife has been killed in combat. The music fades for a moment as we hear Trey sobbing and pleading for her, "Oh, baby.

"I don't want to sleep if you ain't here," he sings, before clutching her items and talking to himself.

"Sleep. Sleep," he says. "She's coming back."

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