Drake Says He Could Never 'Hold It Down' For Lil Wayne

'I can never hold down Young Money because I'm not Lil Wayne,' Drake tells Mixtape Daily.

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From a Jamaican Gully Town to Jamaica, Queens, Young Money's Drake and Lil Wayne have the mixtape circuit in a tizzy right now. Drake's Wayne-featured "Miss Me" — which we told you about months ago — is a must-have for mixtape DJs right now. It may be the biggest new song to hit the circuit in weeks.

Despite all the anticipation Drizzy has for his upcoming Thank Me Later LP (due June 15), the 23 year-old Canadian knows that he is not in any way filling Wayne's shoes. Drake will correct you if you say he's "holding it down" for Weezy during the New Orleans fireman's time in jail.

"You know what, man? I rap and I rap very confident. But in my actually head, I can never hold down Young Money because I'm not Lil Wayne. Lil Wayne is who we look up to. He's our mentor. I will definitely do everything to keep the brand going, keep Young Money on people's minds. But Lil Wayne is the only one — he's the epicenter of that all. I definitely don't wanna take on that responsibility. I just wanna put out this album, give the people this great music and have the people understand it's coming from Young Money. If you do enjoy it, then please, give all the credit to Young Money because that's who I represent. But as far as me being able to 'hold it down,' that's not even a conversation. Lil Wayne is Lil Wayne. He's my hero, my mentor and he's the reason I'm here. I do it in honor of him as opposed to filling the void."

"Miss Me" has appeared on the mixtape circuit in a variety of forms. First it was just a Drake verse and an alternate chorus, then it was the Drake verse, alternate chorus and a snippet of Wayne's verse. Finally, the mastered and complete version landed on the Internet and mixtapes this week.

"It's a pretty straightforward [song]," Drake told us when his Away From Home Tour kicked off several weeks ago. "It's a song about being away from what you love and hoping that when you're gone, doing you, somebody out there misses you. It goes for Wayne in his situation and it goes for me in my situation, 'cause I'm on the road for I don't how long right now."

Drake also talks about marrying Nicki Minaj on the track, while Weezy bounces off the walls on a myriad of subjects.

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