Lil Wayne And Nicki Minaj's 'Knockout' Video -- Check Out A Preview!

That clip, plus three other brand-new ones, will premiere during MTV Jams' Lil Tunechi Weekend.

Lil Tunechi Weekend: 'Knockout' (Featuring Nicki Minaj)

White backdrop, green screen, a guitar and a very sexy co-star — Lil Wayne's "Knockout" video is perfect for Memorial Day weekend, when that clip and three others from Weezy's Rebirth will debut on MTV Jams. On Tuesday, we brought you a sneak peek of the "Da Da Da" video; now, we have a preview of "Knockout," featuring Nicki Minaj.

"Knockout" is audacious and sexy with Wayne and Nicki playing off each other. The duo meet in a pink locker room as Wayne — toting his guitar — sings to the Young Money leading lady: "Hey, Barbie! Are you into black men?/ Hey, Barbie! I can be your black Ken/ Wow! 'Cause once you go black, you never go back/ She wore her hair black, with curls in the back."

Nicki wears her hair half blond, half blue and sings the chorus: "Baby 1, 2, 3/ Tell 'em get the referee/ 'Cause he can get the knockout/ If the telephone rings/ It's emergency/ 'Cause he can get the knockout."

"Knockout" is one of nine videos Wayne shot during Super Bowl weekend in Miami in anticipation of his current yearlong prison sentence, which started in March. Minaj said Weezy's work ethic is amazing and should be emulated.

"To not have him here, it's like a life lesson for all of us — always work as if we have no one else to depend on — and that's what he teaches us," Nicki said during the mtvU Spring Break festivities. "He did, like, 1,000 videos before he went in, knowing that he had to go to jail. A lot of us wouldn't do that. A lot of us would be curled up on a ball like, 'Oh my God, my life is about to be over.' So shout-out to Lil Wayne. We're honored that he chose each and every one of us, handpicked us. And we love him."

"Knockout" features a cameo from the Birdman and was directed by Jeffrey Panzer and Wayne himself. This weekend, MTV Jams will also be debuting "Runnin' " (featuring Shannell), "Get a Life" and "Da Da Da."

Which of the four new Wayne videos are you most excited to see this weekend? Let us know in the comments!