Michael Douglas' Family, Peers Pick His Best Role At Lincoln Center Event

Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kirk Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Brooke Shields and others honor the actor.

Each year, the Film Society of Lincoln Center honors a Hollywood legend. Last year's gala event feted Tom Hanks, while years past have focused on Meryl Streep, Al Pacino and Francis Ford Coppola. At Lincoln Center on Manhattan's Upper West Side, 2010 is the year of [movieperson id="77690"]Michael Douglas[/movieperson].

On Monday night, Douglas and his four-decade-long career were front and center, and the actor's friends, family and colleagues showed up for the celebration. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Kirk Douglas, Tobey Maguire, Brooke Shields, Danny DeVito and more were on hand for the festivities and to cast their votes for Douglas' finest movie role ever.

Even Douglas himself weighed in on the debate. "You work as hard on your failures as on your successes," he said. "I'd say tonight, particularly because [director] Curtis [Hanson] is here, I liked 'Wonder Boys' a lot. [movie id="409245"]'Solitary Man'[/movie] is right up there. I'm real happy with my batting average. I look at the rest, and it's pretty good. You pick your spots."

Zeta-Jones, Douglas' wife, also favors Hanson's film, in which Douglas plays a novelist undone by pot smoking and creative indecision. "I don't think 'Wonder Boys' had the credit it really deserved," she said. "It's a wonderful movie, it really is, and a great performance by everybody."

DeVito, who has known Douglas for decades, couldn't help but pick a film in which both men starred. " 'The War of the Roses,' he was brilliant," DeVito said. "I'm a little biased, but I think without a doubt, Oliver Rose was one of his best parts."

Co-stars from across Douglas' film career were walking the red carpet, including from one of his most celebrated films, "Traffic." But Erika Christensen, who played his drug-addicted daughter in that movie, didn't select that role as her fave of Douglas' career.

"I'm going to say Gordon Gekko, because it was instantly iconic," Christensen said of Douglas' role in "Wall Street." "And that says a lot about how he played the role, not just how it was written. So quotable. That's something special for an actor to make that indelible mark on the pop culture."

Brooke Shields, meanwhile, veered away from fiction when it came to her favorite Douglas role. "Honestly, and this is going to be so saccharine and gross, but him as the man that I know, as a dad and a husband, that's what makes my knees weak," she said.

What is your favorite Michael Douglas role? Share your pick in the comments!

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