Kristen Stewart To Shoot 'On The Road' In August

Jack Kerouac adaptation starring Garrett Hedlund will be filmed in Montreal, New Orleans and Mexico.

[movieperson id="262629"]Kristen Stewart's[/movieperson] summer will be anything but relaxing. The 20-year-old actress is about to jump into globe-trotting publicity mode as the June 30 release of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" draws near. Now, her August is fully booked as well: KStew is set to being filming "On the Road" early that month in Montreal.

According to the Montreal Gazette, the film will begin shooting on August 2 in Quebec's largest city. Producers have already set up an office at Cite du Cinema, the city's largest film production facility. After filming there for most of August, the shoot will shift to New Orleans for a month, then head to Mexico for a few weeks and finally return to Montreal before wrapping.

Adapted from the iconic 1957 Beat generation novel by Jack Kerouac, "On the Road" stars Garrett Hedlund ("Tron Legacy") as Dean Moriarty, the disaffected drifter at the center of the story. Stewart will play Marylou, Dean's wife. Filling out the rest of the cast are Kirsten Dunst and British actor Sam Riley ("Control"). Francis Ford Coppola is producing, and Walter Salles ("The Motorcycle Diaries") will direct.

"I am very much attached to a movie that has been trying to get made forever," Stewart said earlier this month. "Not that this is going to help it, but maybe I can just brag a little bit. I am super excited about it, too. I am about to play Marylou in 'On the Road.' So that's a big deal."

The shoot should end well in advance of the start of "Breaking Dawn" filming this fall. The fourth film in the "Twilight" franchise will hit theaters on November 18, 2011.

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