'Sex And The City 2' Premiere Prompts Stars To Play 'Which Character Are You?'

Whitney Port, Mario Cantone and others pick whether they identify most with Carrie or her friends.

NEW YORK — Sure, the big debate on the red carpet of the "Sex and the City 2" premiere was all about Mr. Big vs. Aidan Shaw, but the stars who turned out to celebrate the flick were also eager to play a little round of "Which character are you?" with MTV News.

While Carrie Bradshaw was the popular choice, some stars felt they were really a combination of all four of the women.

"I think I relate to Carrie probably the most," "The City" star Whitney Port told MTV News before the big premiere, which took place at Radio City Music Hall. "Because I think career-wise [we have a lot in common], like the path that she took."

Mario Cantone may play Charlotte's best gay friend Anthony in the series and movies, but he doesn't see himself as a Charlotte. "It'd probably be Samantha, 'cause I'm a slut!"

Figure skater Johnny Weir was hesitant to choose a character. "You know what? I'm a combination," he said at first. "I'm very uptight at times like Charlotte. I'm dirty like Samantha, at times. But overall, I'd say I'm Carrie. I bring my clique of friends all together. I'm the center."

Leave it to talk-show personality Wendy Williams to articulate what makes her the perfect combination of all the ladies. "I totally am a reasonable combination of all of them," she said. "Carrie is fun to watch, but I'm too frugal to be Carrie. She always lived way beyond her budget. That's scary to me. Samantha is too loose to be older. ... Miranda is, at times, too scared of men, and I'm not. And Charlotte is looking for the perfect man, and he doesn't exist."

Which "Sex and the City" star do you relate to most? Tell us in the comments!

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