Bret Michaels Vows To Resume Touring This Week

'I have every intention of trying to continue the tour starting Friday in Biloxi,' Poison frontman posted on his website.

Coming off his post-brain-hemorrhage "Celebrity Apprentice" win on Sunday night and with the prospect of heart surgery looming in the fall, [artist id="500964"]Bret Michaels[/artist] nonetheless promised fans he's planning to return to touring in just a few days.

"I am not at 100 percent yet, but I have every intention of trying to continue the tour starting Friday in Biloxi," he wrote in a message posted on his official website. "I hope to see your rockin rollin, smiling faces on the road — that is the best medicine I can think of right now. You rock my world."

Michaels is set to perform at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi, followed by another 39 shows from New Jersey to Washington. The tour is not expected to finish up until early October in San Antonio.

But hitting the road so soon after his multiple health problems seems to carry its fair share of dangers. Michaels admitted that his doctor warned him about the risks of even appearing on the "Apprentice" finale, saying, "Yes it's been a risk, but I wanted to be here. I came to win and I'm glad to be on the show."

Following the subarachnoid brain hemorrhage he suffered last month, Michaels landed back in the hospital last week with a so-called warning stroke. Doctors also discovered the singer has a hole in his heart and have scheduled him for surgery to correct the issue in the fall. Yet Michaels clearly remains upbeat and committed to returning to his strenuous touring life.

"With all of my heart, soul and the remaining organs I have left (lol) I would like to thank each and every one of you for all of your support and awesomeness," Michaels wrote in his message. "All the good vibes and well wishes gave me the strength to go back to New York and win 'Celebrity Apprentice.' "

Do you think Bret Michaels should take it easy during his recovery, or head out on the road and do what he loves? Share your thoughts in the comments.