Slipknot Fans Pay Tribute To Paul Gray

Bass player was found dead in an Iowa hotel room on Monday.

A day after news broke that founding [artist id="509070"]Slipknot[/artist] member Paul Gray was found dead in an Iowa hotel room, fans of the bass player offered their condolences in comments on (The music world also reacted to the news of Gray's death here.)

"Rest in peace, Paul Gray, keep on rockin' up there, we will miss you," wrote Nathan, summing up the general feeling among supporters about the 38-year-old musician known as "#2" or "The Pig," due to his signature mask.

"R.I.P. Paul Gray," Jonny added. "We all know, if heaven actually exists, then you're rocking up there with Dio," he wrote, referring to the death of iconic metal singer Ronnie James Dio, 67, on May 16 after a long battle with stomach cancer.

There was no evidence of foul play in Gray's death, according to police, but the investigation is ongoing and an autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday (May 25). A toxicology test will also be done to determine any contributing factors to his death.

Between those two deaths and the shocking passing in April of Type O-Negative singer/bassist Peter Steele, 48, of heart failure, it's been a rough couple months for hard-rock fans. "This seems to be the saddest year in metal," reader Adam said. "I am at a loss for words. RIP to everyone who has impacted my life and your alls life as well."

Chris said simply, "We all will miss the greatest bass player in the world, and to the rest of the band, I completely understand what you guys are going through."

Gray helped form Slipknot in 1995, along with current members Shawn "Clown" Crahan and Joey Jordison. Though the band's lineup shifted over the years — with members departing or switching instruments — Gray's position within the group remained constant: He was the only bass player Slipknot ever had.

Joshua Luke, 25, who said he's been a proud "maggot" (a term of endearment used to describe the band's fans) since he was 15, sent his prayers out to the rest of the band members. "I thank you for your music and the love you have for your fans," he wrote. "At times your music has saved my life and I hate that it's over. I know you would never or could never replace Paul, but I will always cherish the music you have made, there will never be a band that comes close to SLIPKNOT. ... Remember time heals all wounds some longer than others. My heart aches for all of you."

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