'Sex And The City 2' Stars Debate At NYC Premiere: Aidan Or Mr. Big?

John Corbett and Chris Noth convince MTV News why their character would win in a throw-down.

NEW YORK — Fans have always been torn between the main men of "Sex and the City": Mr. Big and Aidan Shaw. In "Sex and the City 2," opening Thursday, Carrie is faced with that dilemma all over again.

While she married Big in the first flick, she comes face to face with her former flame in the second. And at the sequel's red-carpet premiere on Monday night (May 24), MTV News went straight to the guys themselves to see who might win in an epic throw-down.

John Corbett, who plays Carrie's onetime fiancé Aidan, admits that now is as good a time as any to revisit the infamous love triangle.

"It's been quite awhile — 10 years, almost," Corbett told MTV News. "[Michael Patrick King] told me the idea, and I said, 'That sounds great.' I think the fans enjoyed Aidan and Carrie and the Big triangle, and Michael Patrick King was really smart the way he worked it out."

Many seasons ago, Big and Aidan found themselves embroiled in one intense mud-wrestling competition. With all these years behind them, who does Corbett think might win if Big and Aidan faced off again? "I know who would win, who should have won in the first place: me," he said. "I'm bigger, I'm stronger and I'm faster."

The man behind Mr. Big, Chris Noth, felt the iconic fight might play out differently than Corbett imagined. "I'd destroy him. I'm in much better shape," Noth said. "He's taller, though. But we're buddies. We'd probably knock each other out. Did you say you could beat me up, John?"

Who would you want to see win in a fight for Carrie's heart: Big or Aidan? Tell us in the comments!

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