Pill Preps First Gangsta Grillz Tape, Holds Off On Debut

'I don't want to rush it,' the Atlanta MC tells Mixtape Daily of taking his time on The Medicine.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Pill is going for the trifecta next week. The rapper burst onto the scene last year thanks to his frantically-paced anthem "Trap Going Ham." Since then, he's released two "pharmaceutical"-themed mixtapes, 4180: The Prescription with DJ Burn One and 4175: The Refill with DJ Skee. Now, Pill is upping his prescription when he drops his first Gangsta Grillz mixtape with DJ Drama, 1140: The Overdose, on June 1.

"Me and DJ Drama, it will be a Gangsta Grillz. Get that on your mind right!" Pill told Mixtape Daily. "1140: The Overdose. I got few features, but I don't want to let the cat out of the bag just yet. You could look for it to be along the same lines of The Prescription or The Refill. I just try to keep it going the way I usually do it. I don't want to switch it up, because I made it this far doing what I do, so I'm going to keep doing what I do."

Pill's previous tapes have mixed original material with jacked beats from a wide array of artists like Destiny's Child and the Notorious B.I.G. The Overdose continues in that tradition: Freestyles over Ludacris' "How Low" and T.I.'s "I'm Back" have already leaked to the Web. His tapes have helped Pill win a spot on XXL's 2010 Freshmen 10.

Despite his quick rise, Pill said he won't rush his aptly titled debut album, The Medicine.

"I don't want to rush it, because you know how a lot of people get signed and they drop an album ASAP, and nobody knows who they really are? I don't want to fall victim to that," he said. "[I'll] probably drop another two mixtapes and then be looking forward to the album. I don't want to drop it on them. I want them to be like, 'We need that Pill album,' so I can give them The Medicine."

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