T.I. Premieres Second Single From King Uncaged

'Prison ain't change me, it made me worse,' an aggressive T.I. raps on 'Yeah Ya Know (Takers).'

T.I. debuted the second song from his upcoming King Uncaged album on Monday evening (May 24), via his personal website, TrapMuzik.com.

Produced by longtime collaborator DJ Toomp, "Yeah Ya Know (Takers)" appears to double as a number from the forthcoming film "Takers," in which T.I. stars alongside Chris Brown and Matt Dillon. A representative from the rapper's label, Atlantic, was unable to confirm this as of press time.

A more aggressive T.I. can be heard on "Yeah Ya Know (Takers)" — a harder posture than the one he takes on his previous King Uncaged effort, "I'm Back," which marked the Atlanta MC's first output since his federal imprisonment ended earlier this year.

T.I. shouts during the song's spoken outro, "Prison ain't change me, it made me worse. Right, 'Pac? If I want it, I'mma come get it. I ain't asking for it — I'mma take it. We takers."

On the chorus, he references his drug-dealing past and the transition to becoming a superstar lyricist. "I went from rolling with the rocks on the block," T.I. raps. "To controlling my position at the top of every chart, and I will not stop/ Then we ride, then we roll, then you stop, and we go, yeah ya know."

The charismatic MC has kept a low profile since he finished serving out his sentence in a halfway house. He released "I'm Back" and later appeared with CNN's Larry King for his first interview, telling the host "depression and paranoia" led to his arrest.

"It came from an attempt that was made on my life," Tip explained. "My best friend [Philant Johnson] had died in my arms. It caused a state of depression and paranoia. My judgment was jaded, and I felt my life was in danger. ... At the time, when I felt the need to have these [weapons], I never took into consideration the legalities; I only took into consideration the protection of my life and family."

On Monday, T.I. also posted an interview on his website conducted by Jamie Foxx. His album is due August 17.

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