Bret Michaels To Undergo Heart Surgery This Fall

'It's gonna be a smooth operation,' the 'Celebrity Apprentice' winner says of his hopes for the procedure.

Fresh off two unexpected emergency visits to the hospital, "Celebrity Apprentice" winner Bret Michaels revealed Monday (May 24) that he'll undergo heart surgery in the fall to repair the recently discovered hole in his heart.

Speaking with "Access Hollywood," Michaels said the surgery would occur once he's completed taking current medicine to recover from the subarachnoid brain hemorrhage he suffered last month.

"What they'll do is, they'll go in and they'll do the heart operation in the fall," Michaels revealed. "They have to let everything clear out, and then they'll go in and do the operation in my heart, and then I'm gonna be great. I don't have any other options except to think that it's gonna be great, it's gonna be a smooth operation, and I'm gonna feel awesome."

Despite protests from his doctors, Michaels appeared on Sunday night's live season finale of "Celebrity Apprentice," where he was crowned the winner. "Yes, it's been a risk, but I wanted to be here," Michaels said of his decision to appear at the finale. "I came to win, and I'm glad to be on the show."

Winning "Celebrity Apprentice" is far from Michaels' greatest recent victory, as the Poison frontman beat the odds by surviving the unanticipated hemorrhage in April. On the "Today" show, Michaels revealed his current medical status. "This is the truth: I'm not back 100 percent yet, but I'm one of those guys that I have to have a goal, and I'm very driven, and I say this truthfully, I love life," he said.

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