Chris Brown And Tyga Premiere Two Fan Of A Fan Videos

New clips are for 'Deuces' and the Brown solo effort 'No Bullsh--.'

Chris Brown and Tyga premiered a pair of videos from their Fan of a Fan mixtape Monday (May 24), the collaboration "Deuces" and the Brown solo effort "No Bullsh--."

Both clips were directed by Colin Tilley, an up-and-coming filmmaker based in Los Angeles who has worked with Tyga in the past. "Deuces" is among the standout tracks from the collection, which was released for free online last week.

"All that bullsh-- is for the birds, you ain't nothing but a vulture," Brown sings on "Deuces." "Always hoping for the worst, waiting for me to f--- up/ You'll regret the day when I find another girl, that knows just what I need/ She knows just what I mean, when I tell her, 'Keep it drama-free.' "

The black-and-white video features Tyga and Kevin McCall, the song's producer, also billed as K-Mack, rapping on the track.

"Basically it's about you getting rid of this girl, you tried to make it work, but you got to move on," Tyga told MTV News about "Deuces." "So you put up one finger, put up another, and then 'Deuces.' "

In the straightforward clip, Brown is seen energetically dancing alone and later, in scenes with Tyga and K-Mack, posing for the camera.

Brown and Tyga performed "Deuces" earlier this month at the singer's Virginia Stand Up! charity concert, which benefited both his local community and Haitian earthquake aid.

"No Bullsh--," the third video overall from the mixtape project, is a much steamier affair featuring Brown by himself. The "Forever" star is seen wooing and romancing his leading lady in the clip.

Before the videos were posted, Tyga told MTV News he couldn't support Brown on set for his solo endeavor. "No, no, I can't be in that video," Tyga said, laughing. "That's like a dude being in 'I Invented Sex' with Trey Songz. What are you gonna do?"

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