Rocko 'Starting Over' After Losing 100 Songs On A Stolen Hard Drive

'I'm not gonna cry about it,' Atlanta MC tells MTV News of the setback.

While out to lunch in Atlanta for his son's birthday on Friday, someone broke into Rocko's truck and stole a hard drive that contained more than 100 of his new songs.

After the incident, Rocko took to his Twitter page: "Wats Good twit Fam! Dey broke in my truck and stole my computer and my hard drive w/ all my music on! But Ima do 100 songs next week live!!"

Later that afternoon, Rocko spoke to MTV News and promised that the setback was only temporary. "They got all my sh--," he said. "Yup. I'm starting over. I ain't trippin'."

Among the records stolen were some high-profile collaborations.

"I had quite a few," the ATL MC said. "I had a few features. I had a couple records I had with Gucci [Mane]. I had a record I did with Jadakiss, Rock City, [ex-fiancée] Monica, Lloyd. It was a few features on there. But for the most part, I look at 'everything happens for a reason.' I'mma just take my lickin' and keep on tickin'. I'm not gonna cry about it. It's just gonna make me go harder. I'm just gonna go in the studio all next week. I'm gonna rent out a spot, I'm gonna put a bed in it. For at least a month. Go buy me a bed and put it in that mutha----a."

Rocko said he isn't going to waste any time recovering from the loss. He has some serious momentum in Atlanta right now. His new record "Maybe" uses an Auto-Tune flow and asks why the ladies love him and the haters want to see him fail. The song is from his recently released Wild Life mixtape but was picked up by the radio. Now the record will be a single from his next album, One of One.

"I was around 70 percent complete," Rocko said of the impending LP. " 'Maybe' is totally a misrepresentation of the direction I'm going with my album. 'Maybe' is a good song and I really appreciate any and everybody who likes that song. But my album is One of One. They broke the mold when they made me. My album really goes in-depth to the person I am. At the same time, I got those Southern bangers on there, those good 'hood anthems that I specialize in. I feel like can't nobody do 'em like I do 'em. I been on the road three years, ever since I came out. I only had one hit record ['Umma Do Me']. I guess that says a lot for my music. I'm the underdog not for long. I guarantee that."

Rocko said he is putting up a $50,000 reward for the return of his hard drive with the music intact.

Now that Rocko is starting from scratch, what do you hope his new album sounds like? Let us know in the comments!