Taio Cruz Sexts With Ke$ha In 'Dirty Picture' Video

The clip ends with the two together at a sexy house party.

[artist id="2453256"]Taio Cruz[/artist]'s new clip for his track "Dirty Picture," which premiered online on Monday (May 24), opens with the singer speeding through the desert alone. Before long Cruz is at a house party where everyone is drinking and sending pretty PG-rated dirty texts, a fitting idea considering the song is all about sexting.

All Cruz wants his lady friend to do is "take a dirty picture."

While Cruz is grinding up against some of the female revelers at the bash, enter [artist id="3213641"]Ke$ha[/artist], all dolled up, hanging out in the ladies' room responding to Cruz's call to arms, asking that her man do the same.

Then we're back in the desert with Cruz, who's thinking about his woman again. And once again we're back at the party, and it seems that there's not one person who isn't getting into the sexting action, kissing, touching and bumping and grinding as the flashes flash.

Ke$ha's role in the video is limited; eventually she and Cruz are hanging out while elsewhere ladies are getting alcohol poured all over them. The video ends with Cruz and Ke$ha canoodling, telling their loved ones to "click, click, snap" that dirty picture their way.

Cruz recently talked to MTV News about working with Ke$ha on the track, noting that Lady Gaga was his initial choice. But Ke$ha won him over after producer Dr. Luke told him all about her.

"She looked really sexy, and I just thought she was talented. Her voice was awesome," he said. "It had this — I hope she won't mind me saying this, but her voice has this kind of yodely quality to it, the way that she does things and the way that she ends words. I just loved that quality about it."

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