Young Jeezy Calls Trap Or Die 2 A 'Timeless Mixtape'

'I felt the streets needed some real music,' he tells Mixtape Daily.

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Artists: Young Jeezy and Don Cannon

Holding It Down For: CTE

Mixtape: Trap or Die 2: By Any Means Necessary

Real Spit: The Snowman's track record is irrefutable. He likes his chances against anyone when it comes to the mixtape game. A couple of weeks ago, Young Jeezy returned to his Trap or Die origins with a sequel to the classic tape that came out nearly half a decade ago.

"I felt the streets needed some real music," Jeezy said down in Atlanta. Trap or Die 2 is the set-up to his upcoming LP, Thug Motivation 103. "At the end of the day, I never do an album without putting out a tape [first]. I felt that I would have been cheating if I ain't do so. I went in the lab, got with my homie Cannon. [We] whipped it up. I'm on the block. The sound of this tape is a little different, I can't lie. I wanted to do real music. I wanted to do a timeless mixtape.

"When the first Trap or Die came out," he added, "all I knew was the producers around the way. Now, these days, I'm a little bigger. Just a little bit. So I reached out. I hollered at Cannon, Toomp, Shawty Redd. ... I don't wanna forget nobody. I hollered at everybody, and they gave me music. It's soulful. It's some get-you-through-your-day music. It's definitely some get-you-through-your-night music. Hopefully, if you listen to it right, by the end of the summer, your money should be right. Literally!"

The aforementioned Cannon said he came aboard the project because Jeezy and DJ Drama, who hosted the original and was tapped to do this current tape, had scheduling conflicts.

"I was called into Trap or Die 2 a couple of months ago," Cannon explained. "It was something DJ Drama was supposed to do. I guess [Jeezy] felt the tape had to be done fast, because he was on a campaign."

Cannon visited Young in the studio one night to hear TM103, and the Snowman enlisted him for the mixtape.

"He was like, 'I got this mixtape,' " Cannon said. " 'I'm thinking about just putting it out. Doing it my way.' He had the concept By Any Means Necessary. I told him, 'Yo, this joint is gonna be crazy.' A week or two passed by, he hit me on the phone. He was like, 'Yo, would you do this tape if I want you to do this tape for me?' That's how Trap or Die 2 came about. I grabbed up all the records, took them immediately in the studio and got busy. We plan on taking over the summer with this thing."

Jeezy's current single from TM103 is "Lose My Mind" with Plies.

Joints to Check For

» "Trap or Die 2 Reloaded." "I wanted to let them know I'm not playing any games," Jeezy explained. "I'm the best at it when it comes to that situation. Really a lot of situations, but that [song] would be my favorite, because I really got it off."

» "Greatest Trapper Alive." "I like it, because its playa and symbolic," Jeezy said of the song. "That record won't play out anytime soon. It's always gonna be one of them good mixtape records. If you listen to what I'm saying, it's all true. 'Hop in my Cutlass and haul ass/ Money first, money second, so that makes y'all last/ It's way too much at stake to be playing with y'all ass/ Too much to going on to be playing with y'all ass.' Don't get me started."

» "Ill'in" (featuring the Clipse). "I got two special features on there," he said. "I never really did a record with these guys. But they the only other cats I heard talking like me. You gonna like this one. Shout out to VA. You would think it would be on your album, but it's not. That's what Trap or Die is for me. I wanted to do songs that the average cat would leave for their albums. I always been hungry, by the way. I didn't want to make it seem easy, talk about my Rolex. I wanted to get in your heart. I wanted to make you think what I was thinking. You gotta séance the room, like my man say. You can't crown the air unless you séance the room."

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