'Lost' Finale Is Bound To Disappoint 'Some Fans,' Jorge Garcia Says

'We're basically just crossing our fingers that the majority will be satisfied,' he tells MTV News.

For six years, "Lost" viewers have watched unlucky millionaire Hugo "Hurley" Reyes transform from lovable-but-terrified plane-crash survivor to an unlikely leader of men. The progression of Hurley's character wasn't just a pleasant surprise for the show's fans; it was also a treat for Jorge Garcia, the 37-year-old actor who's been a mainstay on the soon-to-conclude series since the very first episode.

"It's been cool," Garcia told MTV News when asked to describe his character's arc from the pilot episode to "The End," the title of the final "Lost" episode, which airs Sunday. "The more subtle ways he ends up finding moments to show leadership qualities or save the day by hitting someone with a van, it worked out kind of well. It's kind of like you don't know when you're starting out, but you kind of see it. If you just go through a plane crash, you might need to get your bearings a little bit. Then you start figuring it out, stretching your legs and seeing what's what. He was always big on the advancement of the group more than anything. He didn't want to stick out or do anything weird. He's kind of like the cheerleader, in a way."

With the series finale looming, Garcia still hasn't fully realized that his days on "Lost" are over. "It hasn't really hit me yet," he admitted. "There have been little things where it's like, 'Hey, that's kind of sad.' Reading the last script had a little thing to it. Doing this event in Los Angeles where ['Lost' composer Michael Giacchino] was conducting the orchestra had a little bit to it. But I haven't really felt it. Either that or I'm being very stoic about it. I thought it was going to be a huger thing for me. Maybe when I finally get on that plane and I'm officially moved from Hawaii, it'll hit me."

Garcia's final day of shooting wasn't terribly emotional, mostly because it was such a physically grueling experience. "That particular day was a very long day, and it was just exhausting in the end," he said. "It was kind of like a lot of work. It was a physically demanding scene. At the end of it, I was like, 'Whew, I am ready for bed, but I'll stick around and watch them shoot the last shot of the whole series. OK, now I'm going to bed.' "

With only two days remaining before the finale airs, Garcia said he still doesn't know exactly how the show is going to end. "There's one thing I still don't know in the finale," he said. "It's one small piece in the finale that was only given to the actors in that scene, and I was not one of those actors."

But based on what he does know, Garcia said he and the entire "Lost" team are aware that some fans will walk away feeling disappointed. "With a show like this and fans like this, we know — and we already got a taste of it with the 'Across the Sea' episode — we know there are going to be some fans who are like, 'What the eff?' We're basically just crossing our fingers that the majority will be satisfied with how the story goes and will be vocal about it so that we hear both sides!"

If nothing else, Garcia can identify one person who's happy with how "Lost" ends. "It was very satisfying," he said of his experience.

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