Diddy Says Nicki Minaj Is 'One Of The Great Ones'

'Nicki is up there. Her story has just begun,' the mogul says of managing the Young Money MC.

[artist id="1244169"]Diddy[/artist] is expanding his empire. The mogul recently announced the opening of a management firm that he'll oversee in addition to his existing business holdings, which include a restaurant, clothing line and, of course, Bad Boy Records.

Rick Ross was the first to ink with Diddy, describing the knowledge Diddy has as "priceless." And now, [artist id="3055069"]Nicki Minaj[/artist] is finalizing the paperwork that will allow the Last Train to Paris superstar to guide her career. The Young Money femcee has already been in the studio with Diddy, and he's been singing her praises.

"Nicki Minaj, she's definitely one of the great ones," Diddy told MTV News while promoting "Get Him to the Greek," speaking publicly for the first time about his new signee. "She has a long way to go, but you know how we recognized LeBron [James] was a great one, Tiger [Woods] was a great one, and Kobe [Bryant] was a great one? Nicki is up there. Her story has just begun."

So far, Nicki Minaj has released only one single, the Sean Garrett-assisted "Massive Attack," which boasts a Hype Williams-directed video. But she's been prominently featured on a slew of other artist's records, including Ludacris' "My Chick Bad," Robin Thicke's "Shakin' It 4 Daddy" and Mariah Carey's "Up Out My Face."

In February, the Queens lyricist spoke with MTV News and said she's in no rush to release her yet-untitled debut.

"With the album, just like with my mixtape, I never like to rush it," Minaj explained. "With the album, I think it's more important that people get accustomed to seeing a female rapper again. Before I drop an album, people need to come out and see. People don't even know what a female rapper does. We're so not used to seeing it.

"It's nonexistent in categories. We don't get nominated. I need to work [the people] up to accepting a female rapper again and accepting my style and all of that — then the album will come. Honestly, I'd love to put an album out this year, but I don't believe in rushing things either. We'll see."

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