Cam'ron Explains Why He Set Up Shop In Atlanta

'We're trying to just get a different vibe,' he says of recording in ATL for a few months.

ATLANTA -- Harlem rap king Cam'ron has enough bread to set up shop anywhere. He's had ties to Florida and he's heavy in the Midwest. Now, Killa has packed his bags and headed down South. Cam has temporarily relocated to Atlanta to record his next few projects.

"We got a bunch of stuff going on," Cam explained recently. "I got my solo album to do. We got 'Killa Season 2' soundtrack. 'Cousin Bang, the Movie' soundtrack. To keep it 100, down South, they got a lot of hot beats with no samples. We're trying to just get a different vibe. I did four of my albums in New York, one in Chicago, one in L.A. But I never did an album recording in Atlanta. So me and Vado came down here to get a different vibe. We're gonna be down here for a few months recording and working."

Killa has already started his next mixtape, a collaboration with DJ Holiday. Cam and Vado also just released their Boss of All Bosses tape with DJ Drama. The set features the new Vado single "Speakin Tongues."

"I don't know what nobody thought," Cam told Mixtape Daily of the song. "It's me. This is what I do for a living. But shout to Vado. It's his record. He got the beat and all that. I was like, 'Nah, we gotta put that out immediately.'

"Let me break it down: We're the U.N. That's the name of the team," Cam described. "The U.N. is 'Us Now.' We got an album coming out in August that's gonna be stupid. Vado's solo joint, look towards December [for that one]. But I want everybody to be focused on that U.N. album, 'cause when that comes out, it's gonna be bananas. Stupid. This August. ['Speakin Tongues'], this is the first single off of it."

"The song is about partying, living the Harlem life. Ballin'," Vado added. "You already know."

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