Rick Ross Calls 'Super High' Video A 'Pivotal Point' In His Career

'It was a much bigger video than I have done previously,' he tells MTV News.

When hip-hop fans sit back and watch his videos, [artist id="2000082"]Rick Ross[/artist] wants to give them the same chills he got as a youngster when he saw new clips from Eazy-E and Big Daddy Kane. The Bawse released his new video for "Super High" on Sunday, and in the climatic scene, he gets to have an Arthur Fonzarelli moment: wearing a leather jacket and sitting on a fly motorcycle with an even flyer check on his arm.

"It's a real pivotal point," Ross said about the video, in which he and leading lady Stacey Dash get to chill under the sun on a mountaintop. "Just for me to be sitting on a Harley Davidson. ... It was a much bigger video than I have done previously. ... Just to be sitting on the mountaintop, my arm around Stacey Dash. I'm burning in between takes. [Director] F. Gary Gray is in a helicopter flying above me, and the pilot is the same pilot that is flying the chopper through the tunnel in 'The Italian Job.' That's F. Gary's partner. We met, and he did it as love.

"I'm just sitting there thinking of all this, it just gets deep," he added about the surreal moment. "It just lets me know my mind is very powerful. It's very powerful as long as I stay focused. I can keep getting creative and raise the bar."

Ross said to get the ageless Dash to appear in his clip was just a matter of pressing send. "She is most definitely a beautiful young lady," he said. "She's also a class act. She was so youthful, vibing, having a good time. So I take my hat off to her. I wanted to do something different, so I put an actress into it. Someone who I was a fan of, someone I wanted to meet. I threw a name at [F. Gary], he texted the number real quick."

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