'Lost' Fanatic Mark Hoppus Shares How He Got Hooked

The Blink-182 frontman watched five seasons in a row while on tour last year.

With the series finale of "Lost" only a few days away, anticipation for the show's end has reached a fever pitch. Fans all across the Internet and all over the world are speculating how the series might end and discussing what the six seasons have meant to them — including Blink-182 bassist Mark Hoppus. We asked him to explain what the show has meant to him and what he thinks may go down during the finale, which airs this Sunday, May 23.

I was a non-believer for a few years. After casually watching the first season, I fell off the show. Each week, everyone would come into the studio, excitedly talking about the latest episode from the night before. I laughed and asked them if it had been the episode where they ALMOST get off the island. Or if Gilligan made a cameo. Everyone looked at me and shook their heads.

Then this past summer, on the North American Blink-182 tour, at the insistence of most of the crew, I re-watched the series from the first episode through the end of season five. In a matter of days. I couldn't stop. With the exception of soundcheck and showtime, I spent every waking minute watching show after show, into the small hours of the morning. The pivotal moment for me was when Locke walked. I had to know and understand his role and place on the island. He has been and continues to be the show's most compelling character.

And now there's one final episode. Locke vs. Jack? Smoke Monster vs. Desmond Hume? Hurley vs. the Lottery Numbers? What the hell is going to happen? And more importantly, why was MY name not in the list of candidates?!?!

How did you get hooked on the show? Share your own "Lost" memories in the comments below.

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