Lil Wayne Is 'Holding His Head Up' In Prison, Tyga Says

'It was crazy to see him in there in that type of situation,' Young Money rapper tells MTV News of recent visit.

Young Money's [artist id="1652126"]Tyga[/artist] recently caught up with [artist id="510062"]Lil Wayne[/artist] in jail and revealed that the multiplatinum superstar is doing well as he rides out his one-year prison sentence at Rikers Island in New York.

"It was crazy to see him in there in that type of situation, but he's doing good," Tyga told MTV News on Tuesday. "He's holding his head up."

Tyga caught up with the Young Money boss a few weeks ago. "He was basically just talking about his whole experience in there, everything that's going on," Tyga said. Weezy, who's known for his superhuman work ethic and prolific musical output, is apparently focusing his energy on the new surroundings. "He knew everything about everything in there, so I was just basically listening to what he had to say."

Even though Lil Wayne keeps a blog that he occasionally updates and a Twitter page that is now maintained by his protégé Lil Twist, the hip-hop megastar isn't too concerned about keeping up with the outside world. "He really didn't want to talk about anything really on the outside going on," Tyga said.

Tyga visited Wayne solo, but he said the Young Money and Cash Money family strives to get face time with Weezy whenever possible. "We all go at separate times ... because he only gets a certain amount of visits."

While Tyga's visit was just to show love to a good friend, he wasn't able to slip into the facility incognito. "I'm just going there ... just getting ready, like, to see him ... and then it's, like, all these girls taking pictures with me, all these mamas up there," Tyga laughed. "That was crazy, though, but he's doing good."

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