'Lost' Star Jorge Garcia Pens Farewell To The Island

'I still don't think the end of it all has hit me yet,' actor writes in Variety.

Sure, "Lost" has got take-charge Jack, beautiful Kate, smoldering Sawyer, badass Sayid and many more colorful characters that have spent time living (and often dying) on that mysterious island. Yet it'd be hard to argue that anyone but jolly Hugo "Hurley" Reyes is the show's fan favorite. He's a truth-teller, a voice of the fan at home, an honest do-gooder, a guy you just can't helping rooting for.

So too has Jorge Garcia, who plays the teddy bear-like Hurley, become beloved amongst the zealous "Lost" fanbase. As the show hurtles toward its series finale on Sunday, Garcia penned an essay for Variety in which he reminisces about the casting process six seasons ago, shares memories of his time shooting in Hawaii and talks about filming the final episode.

Here's an excerpt:

"At 5 a.m. on April 24, I became unemployed," Garcia begins. "I just wrapped my six-season run on 'Lost.' The job that went above and beyond anything I could have imagined was over. ...

"My last day on 'Lost' was also my longest: 20 hours. Without going into details, I can say the shoot was dangerous, physical and wet. But what could be more appropriate? How else could we end this epic show without an epic marathon night of shooting? At the end of it all we all remarked how we expected the end to be more emotional for us, but we were too tired to cry.

"I'll admit I got a little teary with Matthew Fox. I thanked him for everything he taught me, including taking me on his trip to Japan to see Green Day that first summer of shooting. At the time, flying at the last minute to a foreign country was way out of my comfort zone, but then again, nothing on 'Lost' was ever in my comfort zone.

"I stuck around after even after I wrapped to see the martini shot of the entire show. I could feel director Jack Bender's resistance to call 'print' on that last take. In fact I'm pretty sure he asked for one more take to delay the inevitable.

"I still don't think the end of it all has hit me yet. Maybe I'll feel it when the finale finally airs Sunday. Or maybe it will hit me when I board the plane at Honolulu Airport for the last time as a Hawaiian resident.

"I have no clue what my next adventure is going to be, I just know this job is going to be a hard one to follow."

Which "Lost" character will you miss the most when the show ends? Reminisce in the comments.

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