'Glee' Cast Brings More Than Mere Covers To L.A. Tour Stop

Gleeks help turn live show into massive sing-along as the stars reprise hits from the show.

LOS ANGELES — Pom-pom-pumping, sign-holding, dancing Gleeks filled Universal City Walk's Gibson Amphitheatre Thursday night with ear-piercing levels of pubescent screams, sweat and tears. In the first of their three-night run in Los Angeles, the cast of Fox's wildly popular "Glee" took the stage to give their fans a full hour of power-packed, musical madness, covering pop hits of the past and present. Pre-taped appearances by stars Matthew Morrison and Jane Lynch delightfully kicked off the show as they informed the audience, "You will be barfing."

Performing in character, the cast launched into Journey's "Don't Stop Believing." Minor pyrotechnics, flashy lights and more technically polished dancing made the performances more than simple re-creations of their TV musical interludes.

From the floor-grinding Salt-N-Pepa hit "Push It" to the finger-snapping jazz of Frank Sinatra's "Lady Is a Tramp" nobody was sitting down or leaving to use the bathroom. Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and company sang hits covered in the first season of the show — and even a few that haven't aired. The cast was able to make every song their own while still managing to maintain the original artist's integrity.

A big fan favorite was Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance," which received the loudest cheers as the cast emerged wearing her most memorable costumes. "My favorite was Lady Gaga because she obviously rocks," "Glee" fan Mike Schubert told MTV News after the show. "To see them bring it alive with all the costumes was awesome."

"Sweet Caroline" elicited screams so loud for show dreamboats, Monteith and Mark Salling, one might have thought Justin Bieber was flipping his hair somewhere close by. Montieth playing drums and Salling casually strolling across the stage playing a red electric guitar did nothing to quell the raging hormones as they lead fans in a massive sing-along.

Van Halen's "Jump" was a sure sign that the party was far from over. The audience was treated to a cast display of mattress hopping across the stage, wearing matching blue pajamas and smiles like they did in an episode last fall.

Amber Riley's eye-popping rendition of Christina Aguilera's "Beautiful" brought a hush over the crowd, while Lea Michele showed off her vocal range during the Journey mash-up "Faithfully" and "Any Way You Want It."

Closing out the night, the encore of Cyndi Lauper's "True Colors" and Queen's "Somebody to Love" left fans standing in a snowstorm of confetti and cheers as the cast bid them goodnight.

Die-hard Gleek Emy Setiadi was thrilled with the translation from TV to stage. "The live show is so much better," she said. "You get to hear all the live vocals. Even if it's imperfect, all the mistakes are amazing. It's crazy!"

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