Wale Was Rooting For Hometown Wizards In NBA Draft Lottery

'Nah, we can't get the #1 pick,' the MC recalls thinking of Wizards' chances at star point guard John Wall.

Most of Wale's hometown teams are giving fans great hope for the future. The Washington Nationals have a tremendous blue-chip-prospect pitcher in Stephen Strasburg. The Redskins acquired a first-ballot Hall of Fame quarterback in Donovan McNabb via trade and, this week, the Washington Wizards hit the lotto! One of the worst teams in the NBA, the Wizards struck the jackpot by winning the NBA lottery, which entitled them to the very first pick in this year's NBA draft. It's projected that the team will go with University of Kentucky point guard John Wall.

"I'mma have to call old Johnny Boy today," Wale said by phone from Atlanta, where he's been in the studio with Gucci Mane, Waka Flocka Flame and Yung LA. "I never met him. I'mma just talk to him. Hopefully we'll get him. You never know, but either way, he's gonna have a tremendous career."

Prior to the actual draft lottery, 14 teams were ranked in order of their regular-season records. The league-worst New Jersey Nets held the top position and, therefore, the best opportunity to get the #1 pick, with a little more than a 25 percent chance. Meanwhile, the Wizards were in the middle of the pack of 14, with a 10 percent shot. The Wizards, of course, came out on top, moving up to get Wall. Wale said he was conducting business on Tuesday, but found it difficult to concentrate with the NBA draft lottery under way.

"I was actually on a conference call with [an] important company," Wale said. "It was a countdown. Then it was like, 'Nah, we can't get the #1 pick.' When it got to five left, I was like, 'No way.' When it was three [teams left], I completely dropped out of the conference call. I was not paying attention at all."

Wale says Wall could bring the Wizards much-needed energy.

"Young blood, new blood," the DMV MC said. "I think he'll complement Andray Blatche and Gil [Arenas] as well. I think Blatche can definitely be one of the best forwards in the league — at least the top of the East Coast. I think [Wall] will give them an opportunity to do a little more. I think [Blatche] showed he's capable of being one of the top big men in the league when everybody got traded [last season]."

Still, Wale concedes the Wizards will need a little more than Wall to get back into championship contention.

"We obviously need the fan support," he said. "We need to change the morale of the team; they have to believe they can do it. I'm a big LeBron James fan, but I'm also very supportive of all the teams coming out of D.C. I'm extra supportive. I always sit on the [arena/stadium] floor and cheer on the teams whenever I'm home: Redskins, Nationals, Capitals and United. You go to the Redskins games, and people support them good or bad. The flow at the Wizards games was not looking good towards the end of the season. I wanna turn that around."

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