Justin Bieber 'Didn't Cry' When He Got His Tattoo, Studio Owner Says

'It was really cool to have him here,' Brian Byrne tells MTV News.

Not even tough tattoo artists are immune to Justin Bieber's charms. Brian Byrne, the co-owner of the Son of a Gun Tattoo and Barbershop where the pop phenom got inked back in March, said the Biebs is just as dreamy in person as any screaming fan would expect.

"He's kind of hard to miss. He's pretty cute," Byrne told MTV News. "He's, like, super cute, actually. That hair, that smile, those clothes, those major-high high-tops," Byrne joked.

Byrne also revealed at that the star's Jonathan Livingston Seagull tattoo has special meaning for Bieber. "From what I can gather, I guess a bunch of people in his family actually have that same tattoo, his dad included," Byrne said. Bieber's dad accompanied the heartthrob as he got his body art.

Byrne said the ink session went smoothly and that Bieber handled it like a champ. "He was a super nice kid. He was nice in our shop, he didn't cry or nothing like that. It went really well. It was really cool to have him here."

But for fans freaking out that Bieber might be too young to get tatted up, Byrne said it's up to the shop owners to decide who does and doesn't get ink. Son of a Gun only tattoos kids younger than 18 who have parental consent. Plus, the shop has some pretty strict rules so youngsters don't get stuck with eternally lame tattoos.

"Anybody who's under 25 we won't do hands and neck," Byrne said. "[If] a 16-year-old kid comes in and wants, like, a pot leaf or something ... forget it. I don't care if you have your parents' consent, you're gonna regret it."

Byrne said Bieber's tattoo was different because it was a family tradition and that the overall experience was positive. "It was all really done in a good, clean way," Byrne said.

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