Drake Brings Out Special Guests At Dallas Away From Home Tour Stop

Baby and Lil Twist join their Young Money/ Cash Money comrade; Drizzy drops a Dallas freestyle.

DALLAS — [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist]'s Away From Home Tour landed at the Palladium on Wednesday night, and the Young Money MC sounded just like the records you bang in your car — no Auto-Tune necessary.

The Toronto native kicked off the show with songs from his breakout mixtape, So Far Gone, and then gave fans a taste of what's to come on his June 15 debut, Thank Me Later, with "Fireworks," which will feature Alicia Keys on the album.

Drake temporarily diverted the love and attention from himself to his big brother, Lil Wayne. "It's Young Money all day. Free Weezy," Drake said between songs. "When I say Young Money, you say Free Weezy."

Birdman then made a special appearance during "4 My Town (Play Ball)," and the crowd got even crazier when the DJ dropped the beat for "Money to Blow." "We certified getting it CM, YM, Cash Money business," Baby rapped. Lil Twist also joined Drake onstage during "Bedrock."

The biggest spectacle was made by a fan, not a guest MC. Christina McAlister from Fort Worth, Texas, was picked from the audience to participate in the show. She landed not just a dance with Drake, but a kiss on the lips. The ladies "ooohed" with excitement as Christina tried to keep her cool. Shortly after, Drake pulled out his mic stand covered with bras, and his collection began to rack up, as women threw their bras to the stage. "I'll make sure to add these to my treasure chest," he chuckled.

Though his newest single, "Find Your Love," was conspicuously absent, he had to perform his breakthrough track, "Best I Ever Had."

Drake's fans knew this show couldn't be missed, because getting tickets wasn't easy. In Dallas, tickets sold out within the first 24 hours. Devin Smith, a 23-year-old senior from the University of North Texas, had to wait until more tickets were released in mid-April to score his. "Just seeing Drake was on a different level!" Smith exclaimed.

He and his friend arrived at the Palladium at 11:30 a.m. for the 8 p.m. performance so they could get the best seats in the house. They camped out in front, studied for summer classes and chatted with their newfound, like-minded friends. "It was worth the wait sitting there. ... He put on a great concert," Smith said. "He had great energy, and it was everything I thought it would be. It sounds cheesy, but it's true."

Drake must have really loved his time in the D. On Thursday morning (May 20), he released "9 AM in Dallas Freestyle."

"Weezy, I'm just out here reppin' us," he raps. "Till I get to shake the hand of the man that's blessing us/ I know these n---as miss the mean lyrics/ Kush got the room smelling like Teen Spirit/ ... Money gets all of my love and affection/ Cars all black like the cover of Essence/ I'm allergic to coming in second/ But I never sneeze/ YMO-ney, n---a."

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