Megan Fox Post-'Transformers': What's Next?

After leaving 'Transformers 3' behind, upcoming roles for the actress include 'Jonah Hex,' 'Passion Play' and more.

There are conflicting reports regarding exactly why "Transformers 3" will proceed without Megan Fox in the passenger seat, with some indicating that Fox was dropped from the picture, while representatives for the actress insist that "it was her decision not to return." Regardless of the reason, Fox is out of the picture — no more Mikaela Banes for Shia LaBeouf's Sam Witwicky.

But even with the "Transformers" franchise out of her life, Fox still has plenty of work in the pipeline. From high-profile action flicks to lower-budget indie fare and even a few rumored projects, the 24-year-old actress won't be wanting for work now that her Michael Bay days are behind her.

Fox is heading back to the big screen sooner than you might realize with next month's "Jonah Hex," director Jimmy Hayward's adaptation of the DC Comics series about a scarred gunslinger (Josh Brolin) seeking vengeance on the man who killed his family. Fox plays Leila, a gun-toting prostitute and confidant of Brolin's Hex who finds herself entangled in the Civil War veteran's quest for revenge. "Jonah Hex" hits theaters on June 18.

Additionally, Fox has already finished filming a considerably smaller-scale project called "Passion Play," written and directed by "Scrooged" screenwriter Mitch Glazer. Fox stars as Lily, a caged circus freak with angelic wings growing from her back. A troubled trumpet player (Mickey Rourke) saves Lily from the clutches of gangster Happy Shannon (Bill Murray), provoking a relationship Fox described to MTV News as "clearly not going to be a typical [love story]."

The actress is attached to other projects as well, including "The Crossing," a thriller from writers Byron Willinger and Philip de Blasi. Fox will star as part of a couple returning from a vacation in Mexico when their car is jacked and her husband is kidnapped. Fox's character is subsequently forced to smuggle heroin across the border in order to save her husband's life.

Perhaps the film with the most personal investment for Fox is "Fathom," based on the Aspen Comics series created by the late Michael Turner. The story focuses on Aspen Matthews, a marine biology graduate who unknowingly comes from a race of humanoid ocean dwellers known as the Blue. Fox has repeatedly stated that she's a lifelong fan of "Fathom," telling MTV News: "I want someone who loves her and loves the comic to play her. ... I was sort of fiercely protective of it, because I didn't want it played by someone who doesn't give a sh-- about it."

Beyond her actual commitments and attachments, Fox has been rumored for a wide variety of other movies including "Red Sonja," a comic book adaptation about a fierce female warrior. The project was previously developed by Robert Rodriguez with Rose McGowan in the title role, though recent reports suggested Fox would take over the role. The actress' representatives have denied her involvement with the project.

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