Demi Lovato Talks Working With Kara DioGuardi On 'Camp Rock 2'

'It was great to work with her again after she's had so much success,' Lovato says of 'American Idol' judge.

For "Camp Rock 2," the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato didn't mess with a winning formula. They once again worked with "American Idol" judge Kara DioGuardi for the soundtrack, which will be on display when the foursome hits the road this summer.

"She worked on a lot of the first 'Camp Rock' songs too, and then she went on to do 'American Idol,' and I remember watching her on 'American Idol' and being like, 'Oh! That's Kara! That's awesome!' " Lovato said of working with the songwriter. "And then she did a lot for 'Camp Rock 2' too. It was great to work with her again after she's had so much success. It's been so awesome. I've been so happy for her."

With so many great songs on the album, the Disney stars still managed to pick their favorites.

"My favorite song on the soundtrack would probably be 'This Is Our Song,' " Lovato admitted. "It's kind of like the song where we all get together. We all sing it at the end. I feel like it will be an anthem for a lot of people."

Nick Jonas weighed in, saying "What We Came Here For" tops his because it takes place at a very momentous point in the flick: "It's kind of our final performance. It's a great song."

Kevin's favorite recalled a more retro vibe. "I liked 'Heart and Soul,' " he said. "It had a Huey Lewis and the News feel. And [the scene] was like back on the same camp where we filmed the whole movie in Haliburton [Ontario]. So it was kind of cool to bring back those memories."

Leave it to Joe, though, to give props to his lady on his favorite song. " 'Wouldn't Change a Thing,' " he said. "Demi's vocals sound really great. Although it was freezing cold when we filmed it, it's a special piece in the movie."

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