Diddy Open to Being 'American Idol' Judge -- For The Right Price

'Just change the name on the check, and I'll be there,' Diddy says of Simon Cowell's impressive salary.

From label boss to fashion designer to reality-TV star, Diddy has one of the most extensive résumés in entertainment. But after learning how fat Simon Cowell's weekly "American Idol" check is, the superstar is considering adding "Idol" judge to his list of jobs.

"I have been fronting all this time, trying to act like I don't want that spot. [But] I spoke to Simon's business manager, and I found out how much that boy makes a week. I am praying right now to 'American Idol,' " Diddy told MTV News on Tuesday.

The multimedia entrepreneur, who stars in the upcoming comedy "Get Him to the Greek," even implored fans to launch a viral campaign — à la the successful Facebook push to get Betty White to host "Saturday Night Live" — to help him land the gig.

"I want everybody to get on Twitter, MySpace, Facebook and say that Diddy should get the Simon spot — but for the same amount of money that Simon was getting, else it's a deal-breaker," he said.

Even for a mogul renowned for his cash flow, Cowell's apparently huge salary was impressive. "I'm tired of being cool: That number that Simon was getting a week is ridiculous. I can't even be cool with that. Please, can I have the job, whoever's in charge of giving that job?"

Ever the businessman, Diddy insisted he would only take the gig if the money was right. "There's no negotiating the contract," Diddy said. "Just change the name on the check, and I'll be there."

Simon's sum was so mind-boggling that Diddy even amended his stance on the phrase "Mo Money, Mo Problems."

"More money, no more problems," Diddy said. "Them days is over, baby. Let's go."

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