Crystal Bowersox's Friends Say She's Earned 'American Idol' Finale Spot

'Crystal left no doubt in my mind last night that she should win this,' hometown pal tells MTV News.

Though she didn't appear to have the same kind of moment Lee DeWyze did on Tuesday, Crystal Bowersox's did plenty to earn herself a slot in next week's season-nine finale, according to her hometown friends.

"Crystal left no doubt in my mind last night that she should win this," said John Schafer, who has booked Bowersox at Maumee, Ohio's Village Idiot bar dozens of times. "[Her] 'Maybe I'm Amazed' was a chilling rendition of McCartney's song that I'd bet he'd be proud of."

Perhaps he's biased, but Schafer disagreed with the judges on their assessment of DeWyze's take on Leonard Cohen's oft-covered "Hallelujah," calling it a "pale effort."

Even though he's not a big Melissa Etheridge fan, Schafer thought Bowersox nailed her cover of "Come to My Window," which he suspected would also make the original's author proud. And while he thought Lee chose well with his cover of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Simple Man," he again felt it didn't do much with the song and wasn't that impressive. "I guess I'm saying that Crystal's version of both songs could be substituted for the originals, and Lee's could not," he said.

Nate Woodward, a cook and bartender at the Village Idiot and a good friend of Bowersox's, was in the audience for Tuesday night's performance. It was his second trip out to Los Angeles to see her on the show, and he agreed that MamaSox should be onstage next week. But he also admitted that it felt like DeWyze did a better job than Crystal, though he said she was clearly superior to Casey James.

"I'm pretty sure she'll make it through to the top two," Woodward said, still a bit groggy after getting an early wake-up call to discuss the show. "I thought both of Crystal's songs were awesome," he said, referring to the Etheridge tune and an Ellen DeGeneres-picked cover of McCartney's solo hit.

Woodward said the studio audience seemed clearly stacked with screaming teenage DeWyze fans, with a smaller contingent of Bowersox backers and a much less-vocal group of James supporters. He didn't get a chance to talk to Crystal after the show, but Woodward said he spoke to her after Monday's rehearsal, and she was feeling "super pumped" about both songs.

"The reaction in the room was great," he said about the studio audience's feeling about Bowersox's songs. "Everyone around us was talking about how well she did. I'm gonna be nervous as hell tonight. But hopefully she makes it through, and it will be exciting."

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